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ZEFIRO | Tongue Scraper
ZEFIRO | Tongue Scraper
ZEFIRO | Tongue Scraper
ZEFIRO | Tongue Scraper

ZEFIRO | Tongue Scraper

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Why use a tongue scraper?? There are soo many benefits!!

  • removes bacteria
  • better sense of taste
  • activates organs
  • removes excess debris
  • better digestion
  • removes bad breath
  • boosts overall health

To properly use a tongue scraper, follow these steps:

  • Open your mouth in front of a mirror and stick out your tongue.
  • Gently place the rounded end of the scraper at the back of your tongue.
  • Start at the middle if you’re worried about triggering your gag reflex. You can go farther back as you get used to it.
  • Gently and slowly pull the scraper forward towards the tip of your tongue. Never push it backward, but always start at the back and work your way to the front.
  • Use a washcloth to wipe the scraper clean after each scrape.
  • Repeat until you’ve covered the entire surface. Usually, one or two scrapes in an area are enough.
  • Wash the tongue scraper with soap and warm water, dry it, and store it in a clean area.

The entire process usually takes less than two minutes, making it easy to add to any routine!