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My name is Jamie, and I am the owner and dreamer behind THE COLLECTIVE. I am sober, vegan, and try to live my life as sustainably as possible. I am a Des Moines native and I cannot even describe how much I love being a small business owner in this big, little city. It has been magical watching our city grow and evolve over the years, however, we still have so much work to do here, something that is in the forefront of our existence right now. There are far too many injustices that happen every day on our streets and in our public offices and as a business owner, I choose to stand up for those injustices by using my platform and learning how I can be the best accomplice possible. Sustainable living isn’t just about making less trash, it is deeper than that and that is why THE COLLECTIVE began and why this business will continue to grow and change.


I promise that as a business owner, I will continue fighting to create a safe, brave space for us to grow and learn together. Throw perfection out the window, this is a time to learn and listen and get uncomfortable. We all need to do what we can, learn about how we can do more by questioning everything and then once we know better, we must DO BETTER - famous words by Maya Angelou. This life is a journey and I will be with you - learning and fighting for justice right alongside you, every step of the way.


My mission at THE COLLECTIVE is to protect and preserve our planet, stand up for what we believe in as a community and take action by making conscious, compassionate choices to have a global impact.


I cannot wait to welcome you into the gorgeous new shop in Highland Park and continue to grow and learn together as we make Des Moines a more compassionate, sustainable community 💙