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My name is Jamie, and I am the owner and dreamer behind the sustainable supply company know as THE COLLECTIVE. I am a Des Moines native and I cannot even describe how much I love this big, little city and how magical it has been to watch it grow and evolve over the years. It has been one of my greatest joys to be a small business owner in this city.
I am sober, vegan, and try to live my life as sustainably as possible. But let’s be honest, these three labels I just gave myself were not always part of my personal description. This journey began for me on January 1, 2018, when I decided to get sober. With the help of an amazing therapist, constant positive energy and a lot of personal reflection, I started dissecting everything I had ever known. In doing that, I quickly began to feel suffocated - I realized I had been hiding my unhappiness with so much stuff that I no longer recognized who I was because I allowed all of the physical things and substances to take over. I was faced with a decision to do the hard work and fight for the life I knew was out there somewhere or to keep hiding... I chose to fight and face myself head on. And so, the decluttering of 33 years began.

I connected with a very dear friend who had been living a minimalist life for quite some time and it was then that everything just started to click. I began researching how I could minimize my life, how to be less wasteful in my daily routine, how to dig myself out of debt, and how to take care of my mind, body, and the world around me through living a sustainable + vegan life. These changes absolutely did not happen overnight, and I am by no means perfect - my trash for a year doesn’t fit into a mason jar, but I am happier, healthier, and the world around me is better today because my choices and my actions are making a difference.


Sustainable living isn’t just about making less trash, it is deeper than that and that is why THE COLLECTIVE began. I want to create a safe space for us to grow and learn together. Throw perfection out the window, because it is suffocating. Do what you can. Learn about how you can do more, ask questions, and go at your own pace. This is a journey and I will be with you - learning right alongside you - every step of the way.


My mission at THE COLLECTIVE is to protect and preserve our planet, stand up for what we believe in as a community and take action by making conscious, compassionate choices as consumers to have a global impact.


Sophie and I cannot wait to welcome you into our home (literally... we live upstairs), and continue to grow and learn together as we make Des Moines a more compassionate, sustainable community 💙



PS - this is Sophie