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ALBATROSS | Razor Replacement Blades - 10pk

ALBATROSS | Razor Replacement Blades - 10pk

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Available in packs of 10. All are universal to fit your Butterfly or 3-Piece razor heads.

In general, it is estimated that each blade lasts for about 5 shaves; however, this is highly dependent on the density and thickness of whatever is being shaved, be it a grizzly beard or very fine leg hair.  

With that said, please use the following guidelines:

Low Shaving Frequency (1 or 2X per week):  3 Blade Packs per Year

Medium Shaving Frequency (2 - 4X per week): 4 -5 Blade Packs per Year

High Shaving Frequency (5 -7X per week):  7 -10 Blade Packs per Year


Includes: 10 individually wrapped razor blades per box. 

For use with our Albatross safety razors.