UNPASTE | Toothpaste Tablets - BULK by oz
UNPASTE | Toothpaste Tablets - BULK by oz
UNPASTE | Toothpaste Tablets - BULK by oz
UNPASTE | Toothpaste Tablets - BULK by oz

UNPASTE | Toothpaste Tablets - BULK by oz

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What's better than toothpaste? UNpaste Tooth Tabs! No more tube, no more liquid. Simply crush a tab between your teeth, wet your toothbrush and go to town. Tooth tabs are the ultimate zero-waste addition to your oral care routine. Plus, they travel well and help you measure your usage.

Orders will come packaged in a Kraft paper bag unless container is selected. This item is only available in our bulk refill section. Please select your container HERE and denote this in your checkout. 1oz of tabs fits in a 2oz jar.

A zero-waste, all-natural way of cleaning your teeth.Toothpaste tablets for a healthier world and a healthier you.

  • Gently polishes your teeth leaving fewer places for bacteria to attach and reducing the formation of plaque and tartar.
  • Less abrasive than most toothpastes but leaves you with a just-after-the-dentist feeling.
  • Contains no preservatives, SLS, sodium saccharin, artificial colors, aluminum or nanoparticles – nothing extra to be absorbed in your mouth. Fluoride-Free.

How to use?

 1. Chew until the tablet is soft and has formed a paste.

2. Brush as you would with any conventional toothpaste- a soft bristled toothbrush works best!

3. Smile rinse and enjoy that smooth, polished feeling.


1oz yields roughly 96 tablets or 1.5 month supply for one person brushing 2x per day.

BULK COST: $7.50 / oz 


INGREDIENTS | Everything you need and nothing you don’t

Microcrystalline Cellulose
Facilitates UNPASTE’s ultra-smooth polishing action, even cleaning and polishing in the interdental spaces. Debris simply beads up on the tooth surface and plaque growth is inhibited.

Sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
Adjusts the pH of the citric acid.

Serves as a cleaning agent and helps to remove any soft plaque.

Amisoft (Sodium Lauryl Glutamate)
Is a natural, mild, eco-friendly surfactant. Sodium lauryl glutamate should not be confused with monosodium glutamate (MSG), used in the food industry. UNPASTE tablets are MSG-free and gluten-free.

Magnesium Stearate
Is a compound commonly used in tablet manufacturing.

Natural Mint Flavor from essential oil
Gives UNPASTE its breath-freshening power.

Helps freshen breath and adds a brisk, cool sensation to brushing.

Xanthan Gum
Is a natural thickener for the tablets, helping them break down smoothly in the mouth.

Is a natural sweetener, derived from the leaf of the stevia plant, which does not promote tooth decay.

Citric Acid
Stimulates the flow of saliva in the mouth. This increase in saliva accelerates the remineralization of tooth surfaces.