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ICHCHA | Cutlery Pouch
ICHCHA | Cutlery Pouch

ICHCHA | Cutlery Pouch

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Aiming for zero-waste, we created this pouch by upcycling our plant dyed fabrics - to carry your spoon & forks. It's actually flexible enough to carry cutlery for a small family.

Our oceans are being clogged by plastic and poor animals are paying for the price for our disposables. We need to be mindful and minimize our footprint on this planet and this is a simple way. 



  • block printed using carved wooden blocks
  • hand dyed in natural dyes 
  • color: lavender with pink lining
  • fabric: 100% cotton
  • approximately 12" x 3" 
  • recommended to carry it everywhere
  • includes:
    • Bamboo spoon, fork, knife